Welcome To Potter's Healing Hands

The mission of Potter’s Healing Hands Massage Therapy is to enhance the wellness of my massage clients, by providing relaxation, stress management, and soft tissue injury rehabilitation through therapeutic massage.

My background is in the Fine Arts, I am a Studio Potter. Working with clay and working with the body’s musculature are one and the same. Whether you are throwing a pot on a wheel or standing upright you are ultimately finding balance between the external and internal forces of a body.In Pottery when there is balance the pot stands upright, with the human body when there is balance your body can heal and you may even feel ease of movement.I love working with my hands and I believe that there is healing through massage therapy,so now my journey has taken me from that of a Studio Potter to that of a Massage Therapist.(read more)







Therapeutic Massage is as vital to a healthy mind and body as is exercise and diet.

Please call for an appointment and let's see if I can assist you on your journey to health and wellbeing.

Massage -- Vital to your overall health and wellness!